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Click on a flavor, and watch as it generates a serving of fake information right before your eyes. Use it as filler copy, in your book report, or whisper it to your special someone. Be sure to check out our web-service API, if you're into that.

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Confused? This might help. Enough said—let's make some ipscream!

Current Flavors

Icon_vanilla Vanilla
The original filler copy. The best friend of designers all around the world, take home a pint of quality hand-crafted, generative Latin.
Icon_chocolate German Chocolate
Straight from the Schwartzwald, it's a dark, chocolate richness that could come from only the finest ingredients.
Icon_mint Mint Chocolate Czech
Do you speak Czech? Me neither. Feel foreign and suspicious of your filler copy with this smooth and crunchy flavor.
Icon_emo Sailing Three Tuesdays
Like omg, I can't believe that my parents didn't let me go to the Fallout Boy concert! Channel the spirit of millions of pre-teens to make your perfect sob ballad.
Icon_soylent Soylent Cream
It's People! Soylent Cream is People!
Forge unique identities for you and your loved ones. Complete with SSN and Mother's Maiden Name.
Icon_neapolitician Neapolitician
Experience authentic, good old American hucksterism at its finest with this bipartisan flavor.
Icon_toast Texas Toast
All the excitement of high-stakes match at the final table is now available to you in beautifully-rendered UTF-8.
Icon_chunky_bacon Chunky Bacon
Straight from the reconstituted mouth of _why. Seriously, though, it's like that scene in Being John Malkovich where Malkovich goes into the Malkovich door.